Welcome to EbersoleMEDIA

I’m Samuel Ebersole, professor of Mass Communications at Colorado State University-Pueblo. This website combines my academic interests (scholarly) with my professional projects (creative). The Facebook link at the top is for my 2018 television documentary about the Arkansas River. The hour-long documentary focuses on several of the issues facing the basin, and tells stories of those who are committed to protecting this valuable resource. Additional information and resources about the Arkansas River basin can be foundĀ here.

The blog link above is for media-related musings that I share with my Media & Society students at CSU-Pueblo. The Twitter link is for my @profebersole account, again focusing on mass media and related topics. The YouTube channel contains a variety of video shorts and longer projects that I’ve produced in recent years.

The Arkansas River below Browns Canyon National Monument

The views expressed on this website and various social media accounts are mine, and do not necessarily reflect the position of CSU-Pueblo or other affiliated organizations. 


EbersoleMEDIA has been selected by the Poudre Heritage Alliance to conduct oral history interviews with water professionals throughout the state of Colorado. These interviews will be audio/video recorded and become part of the Water Resources Archive at Colorado State University.

EbersoleMEDIA will be working with the Arkansas River Basin Water Forum to produce six new webisodes to accompany the Arkansas River documentary. Three of the segments will feature major tributaries to the river: Fountain Creek, Huerfano River, and Purgatoire River. The other segments will feature ongoing projects ranging from watershed health to innovative water storage.

Pikes Peak Women, Citizens Project, and the Pikes Peak Library District invited me to make a presentation on the topic of Fake News for their Fact and Fiction Media Series. The event was held at the 21c library campus on August 30th.

Public screenings of The Arkansas River: from Leadville to Lamar were held in twelve communities throughout the basin (literally from Leadville to Lamar). We were encouraged by the turnout and the passion of those who care about the future of the Arkansas River. Any future broadcasts or screenings will be announced on the Facebook page (see link at top of page).

The Arkansas River: from Leadville to Lamar aired on Rocky Mountain PBS at 7pm on May 31st. The program will remain available on their website until May of 2019.