Net Neutrality Ain’t Dead Yet, But It’s On Life Support

If you’ve been paying attention to the news the past couple of days you may have heard that the US Senate narrowly (52-47) voted to reverse the FCC repeal of net neutrality rules. But don’t pop the cork just yet. For the Senate vote to mean anything will require that the House follows suite, and that the ensuing legislation makes it past the veto pen of President Trump. Neither of those are likely to happen.

If you haven’t been tracking this story all along, FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s net neutrality repeal is scheduled to take effect on June 11, unless Congress acts to overturn the FCC’s decision. So while you will hear plenty about Net Neutrality in the coming weeks, most of the political noise will be posturing to drum up support for the fall midterm elections. If you like Net Neutrality (the policy put in place in early 2015 by the Obama administration) and want it to stay, you will be encouraged to vote for Democratic candidates for congress. And if you think that Net Neutrality is unnecessary government regulation of the telecommunications industry, you will be encouraged to vote for Republican candidates.

If you’ve read news headlines that make it appear that the Senate vote is going to stop the repeal of Net Neutrality, you are a victim of having just a portion of the info necessary to be an informed citizen. And sometimes have a little information is as bad as having none.

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