Unplug to Reset

Recently I had an issue with my wifi router and the solution was to reset the router to its original factory settings. How did I do this? I unplugged the router and counted to 10 seconds and then plugged it back in. Sure enough, the router returned to its former configuration and began to function properly. The solution was to “unplug to reset.”

So it is with the human operating system. Occasionally it needs to be “reset”, and that may require a time of “unplugging.” The unplugging that I speak of is a time of disconnecting from the many distractions that we have invited into our lives. From the moment we awake to the time we drift off to sleep we are assaulted by a constant stream of information (and often misinformation), entertainment and personal communications.

As usual, Dilbert provides a light-hearted look at a very serious problem.

If you’re constantly checking your phone, scrolling endlessly through your social media feeds and binging on mind-numbing YouTube videos late into the night you may be a candidate for a reset. Seriously…step away for a time and connect with nature/people you love/yourself.

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